Anti-Oppressive Practice

Working as a Social Worker at a large hospital, I developed an interest in collaborative practices and how that might be developed to be supportive of anti-oppressive practices. These pages are the results of this work and articulates my theoretical approach to team work. Feel free to read and comment. This was undertaken as a project for the Taos Institute and I was granted a Diploma in Social Construction in Professional Practice. In early 2021, I will incorporate scenarios and examples of how the approach has been effective (or not) within my work settings.

  • 1 Prologue
    I have felt that I am one voice, that I was different and alone among […]
  • 2 I am a Relational Being
    In this section I am going to situate myself, describe who I am and where […]
  • 3 My Stance
    This has been a difficult section to write. I have tried several times to write […]
  • 4 Autoethnography
    There are many research methods out there and there are many that support a more […]
  • 5 Ethical Considerations
    As I consider writing an autoethnography about my involvement and experience of the culture at […]
  • 6 The Process
    This Section is still under construction but I will be publishing here in 2021. This […]
  • 7 Epilogue
    I hope that you have enjoyed reading the work I have done on collaborative anti-oppressive […]
  • 8 References
    Anderson, H. (2000, Fall). Supervision as a collaborative learning community. American Association of Marriage and […]
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