8. References

8. References Anderson, H., & Swim, S. (1995). Supervision as collaborative conversation: Connecting the voices of supervisor and supervisee. Journal of Systemic Therapies, 14(2), 1-13. Anderson, L. (2006). Analytic Autoethnography. Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 373-395. Andrew, B., & Le Rossignol, R. (2017). Autoethnographic writing inside and outside the academy and ethics. Writing and Pedagogy, 225-249. …

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7. Epilogue

7. Epilogue I hope that you have enjoyed reading the work I have done on collaborative anti-oppressive practices. This project has not changed much over the past year. I plan to engage in reflections on various scenarios in January, 2021. Continue to References or return to Anti-Oppressive Practice or Home.

6. The Process

6. The Process This Section is still under construction but I will be publishing here in 2021. This section will describe the actual process I will undertake in the next part of my project. The main question I have asked myself is: how can a practitioner be collaborative and anti-oppressive in a medical setting?  I …

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5. Ethical Considerations

5. Ethical Considerations As I consider writing an autoethnography about my involvement and experience of the culture at work, I am plagued by ethics.  I am writing about my experience through a lens that has developed over my lifetime.  Does it matter what others might feel about my writings?  Am I violating confidentiality or hurting …

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4. Autoethnography

4. Autoethnography There are many research methods out there and there are many that support a more narrative perspective.  After having taken a course on research through the Taos Institute, I realized that the idea of autoethnography resonated with the work I was hoping to do.  So, in this section, I will explain autoethnography and …

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3. My Stance

3. My Stance This has been a difficult section to write. I have tried several times to write it without success.  It has been a struggle since August 2018. I tried again in October, hopelessly.  I tried twice more, once in December and again on January 15, 2019, in vain.  Yesterday, I re-read my notes …

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2. I am a Relational Being

2. I am a Relational Being In this section I am going to situate myself, describe who I am and where some of my values and assumptions have developed.  Let me begin by describing myself as a white, heterosexual woman.  I come from what some would describe as middle class. I am educated and work …

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1. Prologue

1. Prologue I have felt that I am one voice, that I was different and alone among others. In the past several years, I have felt silenced and the following song has resonated with me since I first heard it. As I progressed in my career, this idea of one voice was even more prominent, …

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